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Finding Aid NWCC Microfilm.pdf
Finding aid for the NWCC Microfilm Collection, which contains newspapers, journals, and correspondence

Known locally as "Pavel and Peter" for its similarity to Willa Cather's descriptions of a doomed Russian wedding party in her novel My Ántonia, this oil painting was painted and signed by Paul Powis, Powis's subjects are frequently animals and often…

1918 canadian mccrae.jpg


Diary kept by Dr. Frederick C. Sweeney, of his time aboard a troop transport ship during World War 1. Sweeney attended an influenza-stricken Willa Cather, and loaned her the diary as she worked on her novel, One of Ours.


Photos of G. P. Cather while serving in the U.S. Army

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Colonial troops from around the world soon were a part of the conflict. Surviving literature tells us that, often, these soldiers were unclear about the war's ultimate goal, but—like many soldiers before them—saw the conflict as an opportunity to…

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Zimmerman telegram and the translation

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After the Bryce Report was issued, a number of propaganda pieces were published, encouraging the world to come to the aid of Belgium. Some simply reminded readers of the atrocities attributed to the Germans in the report; other pieces actively…
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