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Over the Top (1917) thrust author Arthur Guy Empey into the spotlight.  He left the U.S. in 1915, frustrated at its neutrality in the conflict, and enlisted with the British army.  He was discharged after being wounded in action at the commencement…

Clifford Berryman (1869 - 1949) began publishing political cartoons for the Washington Post in 1891.  While at the Post, he drew the famous "Remember the Maine" panel, during 1898's Spanish-American War.In 1907, Berryman went to the Washington Star,…

Cyrus Leroy Baldridge (1889 - 1977) was a well-known illustrator of history and adventure books.  His approach to art came from his mentor Frank Holme, who ran the Chicago School of Illustration.  Holme's motto was "Say it with a few bold strokes."He…

In 1918, Frank Schoonover was one of thirteen studio artists commissioned to bring the scenes of World War I to the readership of The Ladies' Home Journal through a series called "Souvenir Pictures of the Great War." He painted fifteen of the 36…

Originally printed in 1903 and reissued in 1909, this book was presented to Jack Cather from Isabelle McClung at Christmas, 1914.

Though the book purports to chronicle England's war songs across history, the book's selection as a gift while…

Photograph of Willa Cather, at McClure's Magazine; item is a press-copy ca. 1978, used for promotion of the Richard Schickel documentary "Willa Cather's America," withHal Holbrook and Gena Rowlands. A much more famous similar image shows Cather in…

Known locally as "Pavel and Peter" for its similarity to Willa Cather's descriptions of a doomed Russian wedding party in her novel My Ántonia, this oil painting was painted and signed by Paul Powis, Powis's subjects are frequently animals and often…

Finding Aid NWCC Microfilm.pdf
Finding aid for the NWCC Microfilm Collection, which contains newspapers, journals, and correspondence

Portrait of a young Isabelle McClung, framed in a domed glass frame. Dimension of frame 3.5x4.5". Oval portrait approximately 1.75x2.5".

"Jennie" is engraved on the handle, "Winchester, Virginia" in the bowl of the ornate silver spoon
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