Colonial troops

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Colonial troops


Colonial troops


Colonial troops from around the world soon were a part of the conflict. Surviving literature tells us that, often, these soldiers were unclear about the war's ultimate goal, but—like many soldiers before them—saw the conflict as an opportunity to travel, to seek adventure, and to advance socially and financially. Mulk Raj Anand, in his book Across the Black Waters, describes the experiences of Lalu, an Indian man who defies his father to join the conflict. Lalu believes that his service will allow his family to regain their family land. "It was thrilling to be going out on this adventure," he writes. "He was going to Vilayat after all, England, the glamorous land of his dreams, where the Sahibs came from, where people wore coats and pantalons and led active, fashionable lives—even, so it was said, the peasants and the poor Sahibs. He wondered what was his destiny."


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