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Photograph of Willa Cather, at McClure's Magazine; item is a press-copy ca. 1978, used for promotion of the Richard Schickel documentary "Willa Cather's America," withHal Holbrook and Gena Rowlands. A much more famous similar image shows Cather in…

Portrait of a young Isabelle McClung, framed in a domed glass frame. Dimension of frame 3.5x4.5". Oval portrait approximately 1.75x2.5".

Framed photograph of Willa Cather in fur-trimmed coat and hat, outdoors on Grand Manan

"Jennie" is engraved on the handle, "Winchester, Virginia" in the bowl of the ornate silver spoon

A gold pocket watch engraved with "WSC," Looks like a pinstripe pattern on the back and an elegant pattern around the edge.


KORT Finding Aid.pdf
The Betty Kort Collection was donated by James and Angela Southwick and contains documents and personal effects belonging to Charles and Virginia Cather, Willa Cather, and family members.

Finding Aid Brockway Paper.pdf
The collection contains photos from Roscoe Cather’s days at Red Cloud High School and during his time as a country school teacher in Webster County; photos of Meta Schaper’s high school years, and other family photos. Clippings, brochures, and…

This newspaper clippings series was compiled by Bernadine Pavelka Hughes and her family with particular regard to great-grandparents John and Anna Pavelka, prototypes for characters in My Ántonia and “Neighbour Rosicky” by Willa Cather. One scrapbook…

A standard issue item, this phrase book provided American soldiers with basic words and phrases to allow them to communicate with French civilians and soldiers.
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